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January 4


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 Snow covered the grounds of the Mushroom Kingdom like a fluffy white blanket. The sun rose high into the sky, sending its mild warmth over all the land from behind the snowing clouds.
 This was a very special day, for it was December 25, day of the famous holiday of cheer, Christmas Day.

 "Everyone! Wake up and get your lazy selves out of bed! It's Christmas!!" Daisy's excited voice screamed through Peach's Castle. She had come over from Sarasaland to be with her friends for this joyous event. "If you don't hurry up, I'm-a open up all the presents!"

 Luigi slammed open his door, putting on his bathrobe to quickly conceal the Christmas jammies he had slept in. "You better not touch MY gifts!" he called jokingly as he ran after her. The princess and the plumber dashed through the halls, which were fully decked with bright lights and holly, fit for this special day.

 Peach emerged from her bedroom, wearing her satin pink nightgown. She was about to scold Luigi and Daisy for running around the halls like loud children, but then she remembered that this was Christmas Day. This cheered her up greatly. "Oh, my, what a day!" she called cheerily as she followed the other two running ahead of her.

 This year's Christmas was sure to be even better than the last one, she hoped. Last year, unfortunately, their decorated tree had been ruined and the presents had been ripped open by Mr. L and Wolfie Mario. No one really blamed them, since they had been turned into babies by E. Gadd's Youth Re-Generator, but the topic was still rather sensitive to talk out. But Peach was sure that this year was gonna be better, since Mr. L and Mario were not babies this time. The concept of Christmas was still very new to the two of them, and she was determined to make this holiday special for them.



 "Oh my stars, PRESENTS!!" Daisy screamed in delight as she gazed upon the mountain of wrapped gifts waiting by the (not-ruined, thank goodness) brightly-lit Christmas tree. They were all large, which was a good sign.

 "I bet that green one's for me!" Luigi said excitedly, pointing to one particularly large gift that had green wrapping and a white bow on it.

 "Well, let's find out!" Daisy said to him as the two of them raced to the gift pile. They dropped down and started sorting through presents, looking for the ones bearing their names.

 All the hollering and ripping sounds downstairs woke Mario up. He yawned and rubbed his sleepy eyes, wondering what all the commotion was. He pulled himself out of bed, put on his bunny slippers, and headed down the stairs.

 "What's going on, guys--" Mario began to say, coming into the room, when he stopped in his tracks. In front of him stood the tallest tree he had ever seen, fully decorated with bright, colorful lights, candy canes, Mushrooms, and a Star at the top. Below the tree was a mountain of wrapped presents, which Luigi and Daisy were going through.

 It was beautiful.

 "Merry Christmas, Mario," Peach's voice said as she came up beside him.

 "Ch-Christmas...?" he repeated. The name sounded VERY familiar, but he couldn't recognize where he had heard it before.

 Seeing that Mario's face looked blank, Peach decided to explain it. "Yes, at this time of year, we celebrate Christmas, which is a holiday of giving and goodwill. We decorate the Christmas tree, put bright lights up everywhere to light up the night, and we put our differences aside from our enemies."

 "Oh, don't forget, we also leave the milk and cookies for Santa Toad!" Daisy called, gesturing to a plate and a glass sitting on a coffee table.

 Mario came over to the table. "But it's empty," he observed, seeing that there were crumbs on the plate.

 "Yes, because last night Santa Toad came here and ate them!" Daisy continued. "You see, he's the one who gives us all these gifts, because we've been good! And he gets awful hungry, travelling the night going from house to house, so we leave him a little something to eat!"

 The little wolf nodded. He didn't understand half of what she said, but he did get the part about this Santa Toad bringing gifts. "So, if we're good, he brings all this stuff for us?"

 Luigi came over to join the discussion. "Yep, he does all that."

 "Did I get anything?" Mario asked, looking hopeful.

 Daisy took charge of this. She went and stood in front of the little wolf, towering over him. "Well, were you good all year?" she asked.

 "Uh....I-I think so..." Mario squeaked in response, feeling intimidated. He couldn't remember doing anything evil or something like that. He had been good...right?

 "Did you ask Santa Toad for anything this year?" Daisy continued. "That's how you get gifts; you write him a letter saying what you want. And if you're good, then he gives them to you!"

 Mario shook his head. He had not written any letter; he didn't even know how to write words...unless drawings pictures counted. "No...I-I didn't write anything," he answered simply.

 "Well, then, my case is settled. You did not receive a single thing from Santa Toad!" Daisy finished cheerfully.
:star: I meant to upload this a few weeks ago, but you know, Abbie is always late when it comes to these kinds of things! ^^; And don't worry, Of Blood and Butterflies is all done and ready to be uploaded, I just need some time to do it. 
:star: This will be based of one of the Teen Titans Go! episodes, about Christmas 2. :D Whoever has watched it will understand. 
:star: I hope you like it! :D

Wolfie Mario (c) *BabyAbbieStar (aka ME! lol)
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SMDKFan Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Aw Snap...Mario can't remember christmas and Daisy ruined his first christmas as a wolf
BabyAbbieStar Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Yep, what a way to celebrate this holiday, huh?
SMDKFan Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
DustyToonlink Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
....Daisy......Daisy you suck. XD Poor Wolfie Mario! I hope he actually DID receive a present!
fluttershyluigi Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh poor Wolfie.I bet Mr.L has been a little bad?:3Cant wait for the next part!:)Ive seen the ep so hopefully it will make sence.
BabyAbbieStar Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Well, all those months of beating up Sonic, I'm assuming he'll get something surprising in his stocking. :XD:
I'm writing the next part right now, but I'm not sure if I should upload that or the next part of OBB. 
fluttershyluigi Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You could upload OBB now.Please!I will practically beg!

Not rushing just curious how is your side of the AT doing?
BabyAbbieStar Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I have it on right now (thank goodness that thing exists, no matter how annoying it is), but I still need to edit it a little. I have the parts 11-13 all completed, with 14 currently in progress. Then, after I upload it and get a little drama rising, I'll work on The Missing or Crown of Dreams, since I have ideas for both. I know it's a lot of stories, but that's what happens when you have a lot of ideas. ^^;
The full moon rises in part lucky 13. ;)

I am so sorry, I have not gotten much progress on it. :hmm: I will work on it as soon as possible, but I need to be in the right mood or else I won't like drawing it. ^^;
fluttershyluigi Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay that does sound like a lot of stories that I'm looking forward to!:3

It's okay you can take as much time as you want.:)
princess3569 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014   Writer
I think i'm excited for the next part!
SpongeBob (Santa) Patrick (Santa) 
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