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Abbie Time! :D

MarioXAbbie Stamp by BabyAbbieStar Mr.MXDarkAbbie Stamp by BabyAbbieStar MarioXPeach Stamp by BabyAbbieStar LuigiXDaisy Stamp by BabyAbbieStar Gift: MarioXClo Stamp by BabyAbbieStar gift: mario and eve stamp by supermariofreak2000 Mr.LXMario Stamp by BabyAbbieStar I Support Wolfie Mario Stamp by BabyAbbieStar

I write teh stories! :icontardplz: If you are interested in stories with a lot of jokes, random moments, funny events, suspense, drama, horror, darkness, cute scenes, references to Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and/or blood, I suggest you read these! :heart:

:star: Berries and Cream…
:star: Dark Mario: The Rising…
:star: A Haunted Summer…
:star: The Missing…
:star: Evil with a Capital L…
:star: Of Blood and Butterflies…
:star: Crown of Dreams…

And here are my journal stories!

:star: Mario's Painful Picnic
:star: Mario and Luigi's Kindergarten Days
:star: Friend or Foe?

:star: All Screwed Up…

Please please PLEASE read them! :iconimsorryplz: I would greatly appreciate it if you comment and fave, as well! I feel sad when no one comments on them. If you do, I would love you forever! :heart:

Luigi art block by Louiky-Mu ART BLOCK IS ANNOYING!! :X

Just a note:
If you can see that I'm online, but don't reply to your comments, it doesn't mean that I'm ignoring you on purpose or that I hate you, it just means that I'm a bit busy with other stuff (or that I'm on my iPod), but don't worry, I will reply, okay? :meow:

Do the Mario by mariomaster88 Do the Mario!


What would you rather see me draw? 

33 deviants said Mario fanart :la:
15 deviants said Abbie fanart (this includes all my OCs, such as Wolfie Mario and the Troll Fairies) :meow:
7 deviants said Bacon :hungry:
5 deviants said No drawings, I want the stories! :eager:
3 deviants said MLP fanart (this includes OCs) :dummy:


BabyAbbieStar's Profile Picture
Abbie the Troll Fairy
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Profile pic by Sarasarian :la:

*************PLEASE READ*************

I give credit to Number1MarioFan247 for these ideas:

:bulletblack: Having a MarioXOC couple
:bulletblack: Marrying Mario
:bulletblack: Having kids with Mario

:bulletred: But I have lots of ideas, and I don't want anyone taking them! :X My ideas are:

:bulletblue: Having a dark side and giving it a catchy name, like Dark Abbie
:bulletblue: Having my OCs have little floating things around them or minions/companions (Stars, Lumas, Boos, Toads, you name it)
:bulletblue: :heart:Mr.LXMario FTW!!!!:heart: (and Mr.LXWolfieMario :giggle:)
:bulletblue: Having a "ghostly" side (Eibba) and having her name be the opposite of mine. (Eibba=Abbie)
:bulletblue: Wolfie Mario--the cutest little wolf alive! :giggle:

If you're going to use these ideas, ASK ME FIRST. (Or at least give credit, c'mon guys.)


My dA Family!

Awesome Soul Twin: Differshipping
:bulletorange: Little Dragon-chu: Gardevrose
:bulletyellow: Best Daughter in the World: Danni789
:bulletgreen: Kitty-Squid: Zeldamarkedlink
:bulletblue: Spongy Mama: Celestial-Unicorn
:bulletpurple: Aunt:princessminight
:bulletblack: Crazy Sis: LAUsa1999
:bulletwhite: Big Sister: Puppyeyes427
:bulletpink: Extremely Hyper Sis: Kincello
:bulletred: Luigi-Obsessed Sister: Ask-TF2-Red-Medic
:bulletorange: Furry Sister: chiby-furry
:bulletyellow: Sister: CTROCKS
:bulletgreen: Sweet Sissy: YellowDrifloons
:bulletblue: Random Sis: Kenyeliis
:bulletpurple: Fun Sister: NightDrawer1234
:bulletblack: 'Like a Boss' Sis: Luma519
:bulletwhite: Sleepover Crazy Sister: Mariarocks103
:bulletpink: Weird Yandere Cupcake Sister: TesalecterCaptain1
:bulletred: Mario-Obsessed Sister: MarioGamer96
:bulletorange: Creative Sister: Marioandluigi12
:bulletyellow: Green Team Sister: LuigiYoshi2210
:bulletgreen: Sister: blueblaze94424
:bulletblue: Secret Agent Brother: SecretAgentSuperstar
:bulletpurple: Little Bro: ShadowSonic567
:bulletblack: Cool Bro: XDman123
:bulletwhite: Crazy Luigi-Obsessed Cousin: Cary16
:bulletpink: Hilarious Cousin: BrookeCPhotography
:bulletred: Awesome Cousin: CloTheMarioLover
:bulletorange: Random Funny Cousin: DALover26
:bulletyellow: Flower Cousin: PrincessDaisyRocks10
:bulletgreen: Sommer Cousin: jiggskicksass
:bulletblue: Crazy, But Cool Cousin: xxSuperMarioGalaxyxx
:bulletpurple: Neko-Cousin: itsluigiplz
:bulletblack: Crazy Cousin Obsessed with Mario Video Games: SuperLakitu
:bulletwhite: Evil Cousin: FiretheFlame
:bulletpink: Fluffy Cousin: Sarasarian
:bulletred: Harry Styles-obsessed Cousin: princess3569
:bulletorange: Crazy Fanfiction-Obsessed Cousin: RosalinaLumaWarrior
:bulletyellow: Aunt Rosalina Fan: Rosalinastar107
:bulletgreen: Little Niece: princessdaisy68
:bulletblue: Evil Neko Human: Multia-The-Oblivian
:bulletpurple: Immortal Flying Rainbow Cat: FlareonForever
:bulletblack: Pet Luma: Daisygal101299
:bulletwhite: Pet Doggy: DevilDaan
:bulletpink: Pet Phoenix-Wolf: coreena12
:bulletred: Pet Shape-Shifting Fox: fluttershyluigi
:bulletorange: Purple Flying Kitty:CandyCat0909
:bulletyellow: Crazy Luigi-Obsessed Fangirl: CatImAKittyCat
:bulletgreen: Hyper Random Gummy Pet Yellow Fox: ScarletDaisy101
:bulletblue: Monkey Buddy:Konggers
:bulletpurple: Mancunian Mario Kart Expert/Tutor: xFlowerstarx

If you want to be in my dA family, just ask me! I won't bite ya. :D


:star: Hello, peoples of the Internet and beyond, I am the Great and Powerful Marshmallow Unicorn, otherwise known as Abbie Star! :wave: Some may also call me Abbie the Troll Fairy, and they are right to do so, since I am known to bend the very fabric of reality and change people into animals and of the opposite gender! :mwahaha:

:bulletred: I draw and write about whatever I want. If you don't like what I upload, then please do not look at it. There are many other deviants on this site; I'm sure you'll find someone whose art you like. My art may be weird/amazing/creepy/silly/random, so be warned! :D I am the Troll Fairy, so of course I approve of the way I upload my stuff!
:bulletred: I do not respond to chain letters, no matter how threatening or sweet they are. They are annoying and I do not wish to see them on my page. Anything spam-inducing will automatically be flagged as spam, no questions ask. :spam: I didn't sign up here just to be flooded with that stuff.
:bulletred: I may not sugarcoat everything I say. Don't take any offense to it, this is the Internet. :pc: But I will become your worst nightmare and bitter enemy if I see you hurting or making fun of my friends. They already have enough problems of their own and don't need any of your sass. :pissed: I will not be too pleased if you steal my art, either. You didn't draw or write it, I did. :hmm:
:bulletred: As silly as this may seem, I often do not see sarcasm. If I see a comment that sounds sarcastic...I might not see it. ^^; Don't use sarcasm on me unless you say it's sarcasm, okay? :aww:
:bulletred: I love and support all of my friends~! (Don't worry, watchers, you're all my buddies, too!) :glomp:

:star: Like everyone else, I have my own opinions about things! So, just to be clear and to not start any disputes over anything, let's hear them now!

:bulletpurple: I love Super Mario and anything else Mario-related. :D
:bulletpurple: I am a brony (or pegasister, whichever one suits you best), so if you don't like MLP or anyone who likes it, then you should probably not talk to me. :aww: Fluttershy is my favorite pony, by the way.
:bulletpurple: I often write and draw from my own point-of-view. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that I may not show a character acting "canon". I may have them act differently than how they're supposed to act. It's an Abbie thing. :aww: For example, I have Luigi often be the hero, Mario the "damsel-in-distress", Mr. L a mentally unstable psychopath who loves caffeine and acts "that way". :XD:
:bulletpurple: I use emoticons too much. :lol:
:bulletpurple: I do NOT like Sonic. He is too annoying for me to like. However, I do like Tails and Shadow. :) If I ever draw Sonic, it'll be either one of my Sonic fails (in which I have Sonic do something dumb and pay the price for it) or an art trade or commission, in which the person asks me to draw him.
:bulletpurple: I support a lot of canon and non-canon pairings. :aww: But I don't support everything. :doh: I also support my own invented couples! :w00t:
:bulletpurple: I do not like the show Adventure Time. I find it uninteresting and not of my nature. But, I do love The Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show! If you click on "Interests" at the bottom, you'll see what other shows I like.
:bulletpurple: I am not a cold fish, so don't be shy or intimidated, no matter what I type. :hug:
:bulletpurple: I hope you enjoy my stories and my art! :wave:

:star:Brought to you by Abbie Star!:star:

Other social sites that Abbie may be found on:

YouTube:… (I don't use it for videos, though...)
FanFiction:… (I sometimes post stories on here that aren't on dA. ^^; If you wish to read them, go to that link!)

So cute~ :heart:


BabyAbbieStar has started a donation pool!
649 / 2,400
This is not my real amount. My real amount is: 961



Rules for commissions:

1. If you want one, note it to me.

2. You're going to have to be patient. It takes time.

3. 5-15 points is what I ask for. It depends on how complex you want it to be.

4. The only things I will draw are:

♥ Mario-related
♥ Sonic-related (The only people who I will draw willingly are Tails, Shadow, Dr. Robotnik [NOT Eggman], and Princess Sally Acorn. If you want me to draw Sonic, he will have to be the "idiot". I will NOT draw him as the hero.)
♥ Pucca-related (The people I can draw are Pucca, Garu, Ching, Abyo, Chief Bruce, Ring-Ring, and the three chefs. Tobe and the Wise dude are a little harder)
♥ Calvin and Hobbes-related (The people I can draw are Calvin, Hobbes, Susie, and the parents. I don't know how to draw Moe yet.)
♥ Teen Titans-related (ONLY the Titans)
♥ My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-related (No pony OCs unless I know how to draw them. Humanized ponies...depends who it is)
♥ Anything, please ask me first. I don't know how to draw everything.

5. I will draw yaoi, but nothing hardcore. Maybe some love bites, but that's it. I will draw Any-Mario-CharacterXOC, but nothing from another fandom...except for MLP. :XD:
As for yuri....only MLP: Fim-related, and it has to be FlutterDash. and it can only be very subtle, so it doesn't really look like yuri, okay?

6. If you want OCs, send me a link in your note. Otherwise, no OCs. (Unless I already know them and know how to draw them.)

7. If you want a fan-fiction, you must tell me which characters to use, what the basic plot is, and what kind of genre you want (but choices are limited). But you MUST have patience for it. I have to be in the right mood to write it. The types of stories I can do are:

♥ Blood/Horror
♥ Romance (if you want yaoi, tell me first)
♥ Drama
♥ Fantasy (not really good at this, but I can try)

8. You MUST pay me first, otherwise I will not do it.

9. Do not ask to commission me if you have a deadline. My scanner can fail at times, or my mom might not let me go online. You MUST have patience. I will get it up sooner or later.

So, these are my rules.


You must be logged in to donate.

Art Status and Stuff :)

FREE Bubbles Status Buttons: requests are 4friends by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Trades are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Commissions are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Collabs are OPEN by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: I don't do Kiribans by koffeelamFREE Bubbles Status Buttons: Gifts are for friends by koffeelam
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I will only take three of each, okay?


1. Konggers wants a pic of his OC Splunk and himself on a treasure hunt
Pink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

:star::bulletred:ART TRADES:bulletred::star:

1. CatImAKittyKat wants a pic from a scene in her Mario and Luigi fanfic
Pink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

2. Tobuscusfanboy13 wants a pic of his OCs Sharolyn and Joseph playing a Mario game and getting frustrated
Pink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

3. IlluminaApertureKid wants a redraw of this: illuminaaperturekid.deviantart…
Pink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ


1. Collab with Kenyeliis She draws Wolfie, and I draw her OC Kenyeliis. I will draw her OC first.

:star::bulletblue:POINT COMMISSIONS:bulletblue::star:

1. Jellybabiebunny wants a picture of her OCs Laurah and Thorn walking together
'Paid' bar by StampMakerLKJPink Bar 0 by StampMakerLKJ

2. Marioandluigi12 wants a picture of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and herself in a winter scene
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3. guy-monkey wants a pic of Mario writing on the soles of Abbie's feet while she's tied up
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Heya, a few days ago, you got a new watcher: ME! What do YOU think inspired me to WATCH you?
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Hey Abbie, I was thinking if it'd be better to do a 3-way collab between me, you, and Vira for Cinco de Mayo? :?
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You may want to contact Vira about that, but I think it would be lovely! :)
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The pic is going to be all three of us dancing while wearing sombreros, panchos, and having macarenas! :lol:
I have 2 suggestions for you, either we draw our own selves, or we each draw each other? Of course I will put it together. :D
(Just in case, I wanna let you decide who draws who)
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Okay, no hay problema. :)
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